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Another Win! World Bank Board Approves Resilient Urban Mobility Project

The Resilient Urban Mobility Project (RUSLP) was approved by the World Bank Board on July 25, 2021. The approved Project funding is US$ 56.73 million (US$50 Million IDA grant and US$6.73 Million in co-financing from the Sustainable Cities Program of GEF-7).

The Project will support the greater needs of Greater Freetown as the economic engine of Sierra Leone, while catering to the unique opportunities and challenges in the secondary cities. The fund allocation to secondary cities will be calculated using the size of the urban population.

The Project Development Objectives are to: (i) improve urban management in select cities, (ii) increase access to services and resilient infrastructure in Greater Freetown, and (iii) enhance local and national capacity for emergency preparedness and response.

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