About Us

The PFMU provides coordination, supervision and management of fiduciary services for donor funded projects in order to achieve the projects' development objectives consistent with Government's priorities and in line with donor procedures.

Our Mission

The strategic Objective of the PFMU is to:

  1. Design and implement credible financial management systems and arrangements that will ensure efficient and transparent utilization of funds in support of Government’s programs.

  2. Design and implement a robust and efficient procurement management system based on required guidelines, procedures and controls to ensure value for money

  3. Improve and strengthen the performance of donor projects in the country

  4. Provide quality coordination and supervision of projects in order to track progress towards the achievement of project development objectives

  5. Provide an effective channel of communication and collaboration between Government and donors on projects development and implementation

Projects Coordinated by the PFMU

Donor: World Bank

Donor: African Development Bank

Donor: Other